Pillars of dance. I would count in:

passion, the engine of any creative process;

emotion, on which you have to rely to keep it real and inspiring;

ethics, morals you follow and how you interact with people especially through dance;

creativity, to think out of the box, to break habits and pursuit goals beyond expectations;

confidence, that you need to let go of the illusion of control;

technique, you have to build in order use your tools,

LOVE, there is nothing without love.


Dance is so much more than just hobby, lifestyle, passion or whatever. Dance lives in everyone. Daily life might brought us off track but dance will you get back on, be it in a medical sense or else.


Often unseen, beside the beauty of dance and the human body, the effort and courage to create something beautiful like this. It is not about the photography, capturing that moment. It is about this individual character moving to the sound of music. The vision that lets you see beyond your muscles and bones. Your soul, and how it approaches the surface. Still overcoming the second thoughts, the haters. Reflecting all the rumors back at them, like a mirror, showing their own mistakes and misbehaves.

All that negative energy losing against the power of compassion, empathy and love.


When reviewing my life in dance, I was always wondering, why training Ballet was so monotonic and repetitive, yet so alive, organic and fluent when performing. All the feelings, doubts and troubles boil up to this one moment, where these synergies overcome the paralysis and set you free in the most beautiful way. Now imagine two people sharing this one moment, guiding each other, trusting each other. A sensitive symbiosis, where one embraces the other one’s flaws and vice versa. Growing together, falling together, feeling together.

Film & Editing by Sebastian Piltan